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Friday Hoyden: Joanna Russ

Guest post from Tansy Rayner Roberts: Joanna Russ is one of the mighty legends of the science fiction field that everyone needs to know about. As well as writing many important novels and short stories, she was a brutal literary critic, a brilliant academic, an unflinching feminist, and a devastatingly articulate commentator on gender, not only in science fiction but in the history of culture.

BFTP: This is what we use it for

The SF authors of the past might well have been surprised by the essential triviality of the way most of us use this amazing worldwide communication system we enjoy, but should they have been?

Friday Hoydens: Galactic Suburbia

I suspect some of you know about Galactic Suburbia already (Hi!), but do you all?

Galactic Suburbia is an Australia feminist speculative fiction podcast, hosted by three switched-on, outspoken, insightful women:

Hugo Awards

The Hugo nominations are out! The full list is below.

Any favourites? Any surprises? Any rejoicing at the rather marvellous gender balance? (Is this the first time with this many women? Has anyone done the maths? And check out that Best Novel category!) Any unrejoicing about the lack of racial balance (I think, and project from past experience; for many of these authors, I don’t know how they identify when it comes to race.) Other comments? What category are you watching the closest?

Friday Hoyden: Y.T.

This is a repost: first published April 5, 2006 as Best. Hoyden. Evah. (before I’d got into the Friday Hoyden habit). I’m not sure I’d still call her best evah, but she definitely remains a SIKAW.


Skate-Kourier thrasher teen superbus. (***Spoiler Free***)