Soapmaking Photo Walkthrough, Part One: The Setup

Soap, soap, soap! It’s been so long since I last made some, and the soapmaking pressure was building so that I had a real head of steam going. Yesterday I finally had the combination of an assistant present, no child in the house, and a little allocation of spoons, so away we went!


I trimmed and labelled some soap today. Strawberry Kiwi. Lovely fresh fragrance, lovely fresh colours. Lavender Vanilla – do you like the flying-seagull shape the swirl in the top soap formed? I used the Brambleberry Black Amber Lavender fragrance oil… Read More ›

Wednesday Soapblogging

Some soap pictures for you! The first is a couple of well-cured soaps from a few months ago. I like this photo because it shows the extreme ends of the range of textures achievable in handmade soaps. The purple soap… Read More ›

Thursday Quick Pic(k)s

[Via Neatorama] Pretty rainbow cauliflowers! These were apparently selectively bred by European company Syngenta. (Are they as evil as Monsanto?) The naturally-present substances are beta carotene (orange) and anthocyanin (purple), which also happen to be rather good for you. ~~~… Read More ›