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[Via Neatorama] Pretty rainbow cauliflowers! These were apparently selectively bred by European company Syngenta. (Are they as evil as Monsanto?) The naturally-present substances are beta carotene (orange) and anthocyanin (purple), which also happen to be rather good for you.



When are Hasbro going to realise that you just can’t buy the sort of publicity Scrabulous gets them? Teh Intertubes musically resists interference with our beloved Scrabulous:


Nizzy, ex-cake-decorator turned soapmaker and pioneer of the Whipped Soap technique, makes amazing soap (and wonderful divider moulds)[1]. He also takes a darn good photo. Check out his gallery here, and don’t miss the cupcakes! Samples:





[1] And no, he doesn’t pay me for the publicity.

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  1. I love the comment on the cauliflower article “I prefer things as nature intended them”. All the veggies we eat have been bred selectively, including the brassica family (which includes caulis) to look and taste the way they do now. This is different from genetic engineering, these caulis have been bred the way our carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and corn were all selectively bred to become bigger, brighter, tastier, easier to store or whatever. So the company that did the breeding may well be evil, but it isn’t for making purple caulis.

  2. kate: definitely. And as the article notes, carrots used to come in white, yellow and purple, potatoes in purple, tomatoes in yellow. Only now are these “heirloom” varieties being reintroduced into mainstream food outlets.
    Lauredhel’s last blog post..?Just because you can see it, doesn?t mean it?s yours.?: the political misappropriation of personal pain

  3. I am hoping the cauliflower is a Photoshop induced joke! That is just too weird to be true.

  4. Nowhere near as weird (and cool) as the Romanesco cauli.

  5. I have loved the Romanesco cauli from afar for lo, these many years.
    Does anyone know where one can actually buy one?

  6. I spotted one once in a local independent greengrocer. They also had amazing red oranges, yum.
    Eden Seeds says they have seeds in stock.
    This place claims to have the vegetable available, if it’s of use to you?

  7. Your link is a very frustrating site. It tells one that they have the Romanesco variety available, and then offers no way that I can see to actually choose that variety to add to one’s shopping cart. Bah.

  8. Bah indeed.
    You may have to pick up that thingy with the beepy number-buttons, the thing that makes you talk to a human. Brrr.
    Wait – they have email!

  9. You may have to pick up that thingy with the beepy number-buttons

    Aw mum, do I have to?
    Seriously, thanks for the link.

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