Yes, you are awful too

Kate Harding: if your solution to sexist abuse on the internet is, “Just don’t let anyone know your gender, or see a picture of you, or ever mention where you live”, you are so fucking awful, I can’t even.

Break the isolation, join the list

Unless you are studying at university or working in the women’s sector it can be very easy to feel like you are the last remaining feminist on the planet. Whole months will pass by without a single conversation about feminism. Nobody you meet will ever introduce themselves as a feminist.

An Open Challenge to mainstream media re SlutWalk Sydney

Does a single one of you have the guts to forego predictable titillation and let the public know the truth about Slutwalk and the hundreds and hundreds of other women and male and queer allies who will be marching in non-skimpy wear, and why they are there? Or will it just be more sad head-shaking misrepresentation from your pundits?