Thursday Cheezburger – Slut Walk Sydney

Today’s theme is Slutwalk Sydney.

MONDAY 13th June!
1:30pm meet outside Sydney Town Hall, George St, Sydney for a prompt 2pm start
3pm arrive at Harmony Park, next to the Surry Hills Police Station, where there will be speeches and performance

N.B. Slutwalk Sydney fliers and Slutwalk Sydney A4 poster for printing out.

You don’t have to dress like this, but you can if you want to.

funny pictures - Just got my hair did, Gurl!     U like?
Just got my hair did, Gurl! U like?

funny pictures
mai hat, is sexy, no?

ETA: Orlando suggested meeting under the big clock in the QVB i.e. right in the middle of the building on the ground floor. [~thanks tt]
I’m guessing 1.30pm as we will be close enough to Town Hall to see the march when it starts to move off.

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32 replies

  1. I can’t come – it’s my mum and her twin sister’s birthday and we’re doing the whole extended family gathering thing.
    I did mention it to mum and she somewhat pathetically asked if I could come to her party afterwards, so, points to her for being willing to accept that I wanted to go even though she really didn’t “get it” but I wasn’t seriously suggesting piking on the family thing.

  2. orlando suggested meeting under the big clock in the QVB i.e. right in the middle of the building on the ground floor.
    I shall be in sensible winter wear similar to what I was wearing when the old guy tried to grab me while I was out for my walk that time, because for me that’s the major point of marching – that the advice to dress modestly for protection is no protection at all. (I may have a few extra layers on, because it’s colder, but the principle will be the same)
    I need to make up a banner.

  3. I’m a lurker here in this community but I’m totally going to be at the Slutwalk. I’d love to meet some other like minded souls. Mindy, what will you be wearing or shall I walk around asking for who is a Hoyden about town? 😛

  4. I was thinking of wearing a denim skirt, but hadn’t given it a lot of thought beyond that. Probably some sort of navy blue shirt and possibly a purply coloured cardy.

  5. I will be easy to spot as will have a 3-year-old in tow. Can’t wait to find out what kind of questions he asks. He will probably be dressed as a pirate.

  6. I’m going away for the long weekend, but my support to all of you who are SlutWalking.

  7. For the purposes of recognition, I’ll be the one with the long silverstreaked hair and a bright red beret. I hope to also have a sign by then.

  8. P.S. links to Slutwalk Sydney fliers and Slutwalk Sydney A4 poster for printing out. (will also be adding this to the post for the google bot)

  9. Mindy, I think maybe we should also have a lunch meetup a bit earlier, seeing as you’re making the big trip up and everything? Then we can go on to meet others who don’t want to come to lunch at the QVB clock at 1:30pm?
    I guess I should do an FB event for all this on the HaT page, too.
    P.S. for those who can’t make up or realistically transport a banner, consider bringing a red umbrella.

  10. Oh, damn. I am going to be out of town 😦
    What I would have worn: my bright red coat.
    Something underneath (probably).
    Bright red lipstick.
    Have fun, people. I’ll be walking with you in spirit.

  11. @Jo, I also have a bright red coat – it’s London winter-weight though, so unless it’s really cold I probably won’t wear it. I do however also have a red waterproof that will probably be more practical.
    I don’t have a red umbrella, but I do have a lovely rainbow one, so I’ll probably take that as a Queer Ally token.
    The HaT FB event page is now up for those who find it easier to RSVP there.

  12. TT- I will be there with husband and kids in tow so not sure if I will be able to make it to lunch. We were thinking of trying Marigold and walking up to TH and the QVB, but everyone else may have that idea too. Let me know what you think.

    Re: coming to Sydney, last minute why not decision. I almost did the Canberra one but it was freezing and I would have had to wait around in the cold for 40 mins with the kids so I chickened out.

  13. I’m coming, with the Wicked Fairy & Tiny Tyrant (aged 3). Not dressing up/down, though I am thinking of printing the kiddo a suitable t-shirt that’s been on my “to-do” list since he was a fetus.
    How cool that we will have so many Small People along. 🙂

  14. Oh. my. stars. Just saw (Jim) Schembri’s (Melbourne “critic”) latest on Slutwalk (no link for him – you can easily find it on Google, if you’re a masochist.) I don’t think I’ll have the spade wielding time to shift such a huge, steaming pile this weekend.

  15. mimbles, thankyou for the link to news with nipples making short work of the latest appalling excuse for informed opinion on slutwalk in the msm. Does me old heart good.

    • Yes, thanks for the link mimbles.
      It’s one thing for people to decide that SlutWalk is not a form of protest that speaks to/for them in particular, and that they do not want to participate in it. There’s lots of protest marches that happen every year that I do not go to, and it’s perfectly fine for people to not want to go to SlutWalk, and even/especially OK for folks to criticise it constructively.
      It’s insulting for arsehats like Schembri to just misrepresent the whole concept. Deliberately so, IMO. Snide trolling via dismissive belittling of legitimate outrage.

  16. The last sentence is really special. “All right-thinking men can’t wait for women to take over[the world]. It could use a good cleaning.”

  17. Yeah, that last sentence really clears up any possibility that he *wasn’t* deliberately being an arsehat. I’m hoping to be there tomorrow, probably only for the march itself though (STUDY!!!). I have no banner/placard as yet but will see what I can come up with overnight.

  18. Thinking about Hole’s lyrics of ‘Was she asking for it? Was she asking nice? If she was asking for it did she ask you twice?’ but suspect that clearer messages are better than anything that could possibly be in any way misinterpreted.

  19. Lunch is such a delightful idea, but the wee fella has been fighting off a cold, so I think if I want him along I’d better make it a compact day, and just start at the QVB meeting point. Will wear my red velvet hat.
    Aphie, I hope I find you, it would be dead good for our 3-year-olds to meet up.

  20. Breaking out the goretex and gumboots, and searching for the thermal underwear. I will still be there no matter what the weather dishes out.

  21. I think I’m piking: between the study on human rights violations, the weather and waiting to see how this medication is affecting me, I think I’m going to avoid the crowds today and hunker down and make sure I really nail the ways in which the government demands ‘mutual obligations’ while completely disavowing/disregarding their own responsibilities.

    • We’ll miss you, FP, but I understand.
      I’ll be heading off into town shortly. Must check that my phone is fully charged!

  22. Ta tt – I’m going to be exceedingly envious when I look at the footage tonight. Choosing between representing women’s rights on the one hand or fully comprehending and making arguments about specific manifestations of white privilege is tricky. TBO said he didn’t envy my quandry to which I had to gently suggest that perhaps next time we could *all* commit to the responsibility of heading in/the responsibility of choosing not to as that sends a better message than the rest of the family just letting me go in/choose not to.

    • Well, I’ve just got back after spending plenty of time listening to great speakers and taking photos but not spending nearly enough time with Hoydenizens! We got split up during the march and never quite managed to put ourselves together again entirely, although I was able to say goodbye to some of you. So sorry Mindy that we hardly got to talk at all!

  23. Nice shot of tigtog, for about a third of a second, on tonight’s ABC news.

  24. Sorry TT we got split up when we had to walk around the camera set up in the middle of the crowd and then juggling children made it all a bit hard to keep up. I did have a great chat with Aphie, and it was lovely to meet everyone. When we reached the park I met up with MyNigel and we walked back to Haymarket to the car. Thankfully the drive home was uneventful and there were leftovers in the fridge for dinner.
    I will have to try harder to get to the next Hoyden meet up so we can all chat properly. Haven’t had a chance to see any news tonight and I don’t think ABC Canberra covered it.

  25. The next hoyden meet up? So was this feminist activism or a hoyden meet up?
    tig tog – I really hope you publish all those photos that you’ve criticised the msm for not publishing.

    • This is a Both/And blog, Linda – Either/Or is unnecessarily limiting.
      Of course I will publish photos I took today, but seeing as I don’t have to bow to the profit imperative in this space, I’ll do it when it best fits in with the rest of my life.

  26. Doesn’t it just exhaust you to wait around until you can manufacture an issue Linda Radfem? What on earth is wrong with activism where like minded people also meet up before/after/during to have the comfort in a crowd of people who know something about them? It’s extremely irritating to have a legitimate issue disrupted by narky whinging that has zero to do with women’s safety or with the MSM’s ridiculous handling of Slutwalk.

  27. @ Linda Radfem
    I and the other Hoydens attended Slutwalk because it was an important issue for us. I took the opportunity to meet some of the Hoydens while I was there. This does not dilute the importance of the event for any of us.
    What does it matter if a few of us met for the first time just before the walk?
    There were also Hoydens I didn’t get a chance to meet and others who didn’t attend because of reasons. I hope to meet them all in the future.

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