terry pratchett

The glorious 25th of May

“As one man to another, commander, I must ask you: did you ever wonder why I wore the lilac?”[…]

“No, I never asked,” said Vimes shortly. “It’s a flower. Anyone can wear a flower.”

Friday Hoydens: new Hoyden authors!

Two out of three newly HaTted authors have debuted their Hoyden bylines this week: familiar names from our comment threads and past guest posts over the years. Please welcome shonias, Megpie71 and Mimbles to the author roster.

Anthropomorphic Personifications

There’s been a bit of the annual Twitter discussion recently about Santa Claus. Specifically about how to handle the “Is he real?” questions, and the personal and social ramifications of same.

Does Twilight deserve any “feminist defence”?

There’s been so much criticism levelled at fans of the Twilight series of supernatural romance novels (as the publicity machine has cranked up for the release of the second film in the franchise) that feminist hackles are rising, because the criticism tends to be along the lines of “See! We told you women are just stupid! Look at what they’re doing now!”

Belated Friday Hoydens: The Witches of Lancre

I was reminded today of the general excellence of Nanny Ogg and consœurs, Granny Weatherwax and Magrat Garlick. Ariane’s Pratchettian collection might just beat mine – I have more of Pterry’s books, but she has more figurines (I have zero).