the ada initiative

Interested in women in open tech and culture? AdaCamp Melbourne wants you!

My non-profit organisation, the Ada Initiative, wants to go full steam ahead into 2012, and we’re holding an AdaCamp event in Melbourne to kick off the year!

AdaCamp will be a one day “unconference” (that is, it will have free-form sessions scheduled by participants) focussed on furthering women’s work in open technology and culture. It will be held on Saturday January 14 in Melbourne, some travel funding is available.

The Ada Initiative: census and Q&A

I am in the process of co-founding a non-profit called the Ada Initiative, which is seeking funding to undertake advocacy for women. The Ada Initiative is focused on women in open technology and culture generally, which includes online activists, members of fandom, remixers, open source hackers and many others If you are interested, take our census or ask questions here.