The Ada Initiative: census and Q&A

Followers of the Geek Feminism blog probably know by now that I am in the process of co-founding a non-profit called the Ada Initiative, which is seeking funding to undertake advocacy for women. The Ada Initiative is focused on women in open technology and culture generally, which includes online activists, members of fandom, remixers, open source hackers and many others, so I thought Hoydenizans might be interested too.

Right now the Ada Initiative is running a census of the open technology and culture space and if you’re in any way involved in something that could be considered open technology and culture (remember, that includes online activism), please head on over and tell us about it if you can. Estimated time to complete the census is about 5 minutes.

If you have questions about the census, or about the Ada Initiative generally, comment here or contact us privately.

I probably won’t post about the Ada Initiative here again unless it’s especially Hoyden relevant (Australian community focused projects, activist focused projects, or perhaps some especially interesting findings) so you may also want to follow the Initiative website or our Twitter account @adainitiative for regular news.

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