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Why I almost didn’t write a post for White Ribbon Day this year

Because the neverending pushback against it year after year after year had very almost ground me down, to the point where I was avoiding reading WRD posts so that I wouldn’t have to see the comments. This post by Jane Gilmore at King’s Tribune (via Clementine Ford’s discussion of it on her FB timeline) made me decide to post after all.

Did you see this?

No, me neither. Until Crikey. As Bob Gosford points out, when hundreds of Aboriginal men get together we’re just not interested in reporting on them unless they’re doing something bad.

Violence by Numbers

People who followed White Ribbon Day a few months ago will remember that WRD was bitterly resented by (a) many members of the public who saw it in impossibly crude terms – but, but, but, you mean men are all… Read More ›

Quickhit: “Pit to distress”

Unnecesarean, Nursing Birth, and other bloggers are talking about an unofficial protocol used by some obstetricians, “Pit to distress”. Check it out at these links, which explain the background and the reality on the ground. “Pit to Distress”: Your Ticket… Read More ›