Quick Hit: She’s a WOMAN

[Everything is under the fold; trigger warnings apply]

She is NOT an incest dungeon slave, ninemsn. Yes, Elisabeth Fritzl suffered through years of rape, forced pregnancy, and imprisonment at the hands of her father, but she is first and foremost, a human being, and a woman. There is absolutely no need to fetishistically reduce her to the crimes committed against her.

Also, if you’re writing a story tut-tutting about tabloid newspapers who violated the privacy of Elisabeth and her children by taking pictures of them, how about you don’t publish a picture in which one of her children is clearly recognisable, in spite of some slight pixellation around her eyes.

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  1. I’m also not keen on this turn of phrase: ”where she gave birth to seven of his children” without any naming of his actions.

  2. Good point Nick — the article identifies Elisabeth as the active agent there, while it simultaneously ascribes ownership of the children to the man who raped her. Ugh.

  3. Ugh is right. Even just changing it to ‘seven more of his children’ might have made the point.

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