Reimagining the C.W.A.

Guest Post by Alex Skud Bayley

…mutual support, community service, skill-building, learning about issues facing women both locally and overseas, and advocacy on behalf of women. So far so good! So why is it that, on the whole, the Country Women’s Association is so ossified?

Friday Hoyden Quick Hit: Women Who Direct Films

With the Oscars mired in their annual refusal to see directing talent in anyone who doesn’t remind the Academy members of themselves, resulting in another disgraceful exclusion of any female directors from the Best Director nominations for yet one more predictable, narrow-minded year (I see no reason to hold back on this topic), here are some links to discussions, links and clips of movies made in 2012 that were directed by women.

Happy IWD!

I don’t have anything special planned except for paying a little more attention specifically to what other women are writing right now. Feel free to share links to anything you find especially relevant today.

Oh please, give us some credit

Bettina Ardnt is trying to whip up a panic about our unmarried but partnered Prime Minister moving into the Lodge, after being elected, with her bloke. It could be a bad role model for young women she says.   I say, complete crap,… Read More ›