Quick Hit: 24 Lies People Like to Tell Women

24 Lies People Like to Tell Women.

1. There is such a thing as a “real” woman and she is defined by “having curves,” which is not to be confused with “being fat,” and if you fall too far outside of that particular bell curve, you do not count as a “real” woman.

5. There is a direct correlation between the kind of clothes you wear and the amount of respect you deserve.

Anyone got any more?


h/t to Kath.

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  1. We’re living in a post-sexist society.
    Feminism achieved all its goals so we don’t need it anymore.
    Women can have it all!
    Men don’t see the mess.
    There are too many books published for girls, which is why boys don’t read.
    The only way to deal with bullies/trolls/harassment/sexism is a dignified silence.

  2. Women are naturally better at housework. Any difference in skill levels between a woman and a man at seeing household chores which need doing, or in performing these chores is due to innate physical differences (all of which are traits which exist solely on the X chromosome, and which require the reinforcement of two X chromosomes in order to become functional) rather than, for example, cultural expectations, training, or practice. So women get to do the housework, whether they enjoy it or not.

  3. @Tansy Rayner Roberts: Yeah, I used to think that I don’t see mess, until I figured out that I have just continually chosen to look and step past/over it. Everyone’s MMV, obvs.
    Gendered differences in the number of men and women who pursue certain academic and vocational paths are universal facts completely isolated from social, cultural and governmental influences that change over time. Plus they *always* have a clear, totally legit evolutionary basis.

  4. 14. If you spend enough money on beauty products, clothes, and haircuts, you will become as beautiful (and therefore as worthy) as said women in the magazines.

    14a: If you spend too much money and time on beauty products, clothes and haircuts, you are a shallow, artificial b**ch like all the ones in the magazines, and are trying to deceive men into thinking you are not a hideous old hag.

  5. Oh yeah, “But not as many women want to be movie directors/game developers/scientists/politicians/anything cool, with status”. That’s a personal fave.

  6. Women don’t read science fiction.

  7. *grin*
    It was that first one that made me punch the air and yell “YES!”

  8. Women don’t play video/online/fantasy games.

  9. 19. As a woman, the question you should be asking yourself as you enter your career is unquestionably “How do I have it all?” The underlying assumption is always that you want both a family life and a career, lest you be considered lazy or immature on either front.

    Or selfish. Or self-absorbed. Or an unnatural woman with a barren fruit basket.

  10. Boys/men would not be interested in a film/book/TV program with a female protagonist.
    I see mess…I am just too lazy to do anything about it…

  11. YAM take on TKUH at 4,

    The rules will separate those who make the effort and follow the rules, who will be rewarded, from those who do not follow the rules, who shall be punished.

  12. YAM – and those who follow the rules will also be punished in some way, even if they are rewarded in others. In short: whatever you do or don’t do, if you are a woman (or any sort of Not A Real Man) you are wrong.

  13. Being comfortable with nudity in one context means you should be comfortable with it in *every* context, including situations in which your consent wasn’t sought (or was sought but disregarded).

  14. cady – thatreminds me of one I heard decades ago: women shouldn’t make such a fuss about men wanting to ogle their naked breasts, because it’s not like breasts are sex organs, it’s totally the same as a bare-chested man. ::hurl::

  15. Nope, breasts aren’t sexual organs so perving on them is totally fine. Unless you’re doing that HORRID act called breast-feeding!! Can’t have that now, the baby is using what men are entitled to and having said breast visible is taunting all men terribly…

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