WTF were they thinking?

Bora disappoints (again)

Unfollowing Bora by Dana Hunter at Freethought Blogs summarises all that’s wrong about Bora Zivkovic’s blithe attempt to just come back to science blogging as if nothing ever happened.

Racebending on Star Trek Into Darkness

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that I’m a big fan of the Cumberbatch, and I thoroughly enjoyed his performance as the villain in the latest Star Trek movie so long as I could forget his character’s name:


Eyeroll du jour: Dawkins Dawkins Dawkins

Don’t have time to delve deep on uber-atheist Richard Dawkins tweeting on the ethics of abortion with no reference at all to the person in whose womb the pregnancy would be happening, thought I’d let you at it.


That Reddit rapist thread

[Content note: rape culture, sexual violence] Liss put up a counter-thread at Shakesville for rape-survivors and allies to talk about their reactions in a safe-space.

Take-home message: beware micro-manipulations as part of a flirt routine – if warning bells are ringing, trust the jangling of our spidey-senses.

This week in Bizarre-Barf

Glenn Beck has a shiny new toy. He has had a 20 year old movie set of the Oval Office refurbished so that he can use it for a special weekly broadcast to the nation.