Bora disappoints (again)

Unfollowing Bora by Dana Hunter at Freethought Blogs summarises all that’s wrong about Bora Zivkovic’s blithe attempt to just come back to science blogging as if nothing ever happened.

I see Bora’s decided he’s spent enough time in the penalty box, and has returned to the social media world. This move was classic: mention you moved your blog from Scientific American, but fail to mention why, as if sexually harassing several women is just a minor whoops you needn’t bring up, then paste on a butthurt addendum saying you had no idea you should apologize again.

a screenshot of Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic

Whatever you think you’re doing
You’re doing it wrong

My worst fears are thus confirmed [snip]

I’m repeatedly disheartened by how many men who’ve been caught out as predatory harassers think they can just wipe the slate clean and pretend it never happened.

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  1. But don’t we all just need to get over it already, like that was so last week (/sarcasm).

  2. Also this, a blistering commentary from Dr Janet Stemwedel:
    A meditation on the expectation of trust

    • Thanks for the link, Xanthë – you ninjaed me! Janet’s post reveals how Bora manipulated the residual trust felt by her and others to try and use them for bona fides in his rehabilitation attempt, and how hurt she was by his underhandedness when she realised what he’d been doing (eta: and that it was harmful too – to drag others’ reputations down with his).
      Chris Clarke writes in response to Janet’s and others’ posts (and gets discursive about a bigger picture in blogging generally):

      My own position, for the record, is that such criticisms are quite correct, but that out of sincere gratitude for Bora’s friendship over the last decade I will continue to tell him honestly what I think, a favor he may not cherish in the slightest. (That’s my position, at least for now, and I’m not claiming it’s the right path for anyone else, least of all those Bora harmed either directly or less indirectly than he harmed me.)

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