Month: January 2007

Blogging for choice

I’ll probably be doing a belated entry on this topic, as I’m still marshalling my thoughts (attempting to pummel them into some cogency actually) on the deceptively simple topic – why exactly am I pro-choice? Anna put up a top… Read More ›

Back, jetlagged

Arrived 6:25 yesterday (Monday) am from Heathrow after spending a few days in the old haunts around Wales (one afternoon with our neighbours and I had the lilt back again). Slept midmorning 1:30pm, out for lunch at the beach with… Read More ›

Leaving Norway

Today is our last full day in the snowy North, as our plane leaves Oslo early tomorrow morning. We’d hoped to get back to Oslo yesterday, but our road was over high passes through the skifields from the FlÃ¥m railway,… Read More ›

Borrowing the reception’s computer

Here in Telemark we had fireworks and snow. It’s a bright sunny day bouncing off the fresh fall, and every now and then a clump of snow falls off a branch. It’s quiet, bright and glorious. Happy New Year, all.