My contribution to the world while travelling

Every time I used a shared access computer in a hotel, I opened a certain program and deactivated a certain “helpful” feature (if the user configuration allowed me to).

This webcomic covers the issue nicely.

Thanks to Paul and Clive for discussing this in Another Forum to remind me that much of the world shares my immense loathing for Clippy.

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  1. Unless you want to continue making contributions to the world, as soon as you get home you should change the passwords on any services on any web sites you logged into from shared access computers. A huge percentage of public computers have keyloggers or are compromised by spyware to grab passwords and other data.

  2. Hey, you promised a Gravatar. I *demand* a Gravatar!


  3. I know not why the gravatars are fucked, but they are.
    Good advice on the password thing. I’ll pass it on to mr tog as well.

  4. To get gravatars to work, you have to upgrade to the 2.6.1 version of the Gravatar2 plugin.

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