Back, jetlagged

Arrived 6:25 yesterday (Monday) am from Heathrow after spending a few days in the old haunts around Wales (one afternoon with our neighbours and I had the lilt back again).

Slept midmorning 1:30pm, out for lunch at the beach with kids falling asleep while sucking milkshakes, back home and back to sleep. Woke up for West Wing and Black Books and a bit of pottering around the house, but about to go back to bed now. May possibly feel human again by Wednesday.

Cat v. glad to see us and v. sooky. She left us a belated Giftmas present of mummified half a mouse in the laundry. So thoughtful.

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  1. Welcome back tig. Sounds like it was grand trip.

  2. Welcome back. And I hate Mr Clippy too. And that stupid Windows XP search dog… and teenagers… and …. and…

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