Day: 2007-03-21

Adelaide-free contraception

Hot on the heels of the Hoohaa Monologues and the suspension of high school girls for saying “vagina” in an excerpt from The Vagina Monologues, Australia finally has a new form of contraceptive device available. The contraceptive ring is finally… Read More ›

Introducing Lauredhel

I’ve decided to add a co-blogger to the roster. We’ve been meeting up at various junctions in the intertubes for about ten years now, and she’s one of my favourite invisible friends. She’s had her own livejournal for ages, and… Read More ›

For my friends in academia

Parody student evaluations for Socrates, from the Chronicle of Higher Education: Hemlock Available in the Faculty Lounge Socrates is a real drag, I don’t know how in hell he ever got tenure. He makes students feel bad by criticizing them… Read More ›