For my friends in academia

Parody student evaluations for Socrates, from the Chronicle of Higher Education: Hemlock Available in the Faculty Lounge

Socrates is a real drag, I don’t know how in hell he ever got tenure. He makes students feel bad by criticizing them all the time. He pretends like he’s teaching them, but he’s really ramming his ideas down student’s throtes. He’s always taking over the conversation and hardly lets anyone get a word in.


I don’t know why all the people are so pissed at Professor Socrates! They say he’s corrupting us, but it’s really them that are corrupt. I know some people resent his aggressive style, but that’s part of the dialectic. Kudos to you, Professor Socrates, you’ve really changed my way of thinking! Socs rocks!!

Like, totally.

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  1. *howls* of derisive laughter, Bruce.

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