Day: 2007-07-19

Lights, Action – Cue SFX

I don’t know quite how my son managed this, taken a few hours ago (because he’s very keen on lolcats and wants to submit photos of our cat to I Can Has Cheezburger? for glory’s sake). Originally uploaded by the… Read More ›

Thursday Godless quote

This comes from a long and contentious thread at Pharyngula, and is unrepresentative of most of the thread actually, but it’s one of those regular arguments for which I always wished a pithy response. Thanks, Tulse. In all things, I… Read More ›

Beyond parody

Greg Sheridan in the Government Gazette. But I would trust our democratic political system a thousand times more than I would trust its civil liberties lawyers.

The useless bit of flesh around a vagina

[Image credit: Cincinnati Institute for Reproductive Health] I think every feminist has a least favourite term for “women”. And they’re all teeth-grindingly offensive in different ways: “girls”, “broads”, “chicks”, “babes”, “coeds”, “fillies”, “skirts”. Meredith Clark offers an article on the… Read More ›

World inside-out

This is a really neat map with continents/oceans reversed. [Via Vex Appeal.] I’ve been trying to work out why this map has captivated me so much. For a start, I love maps. Since I can remember, I can pore over… Read More ›