Lights, Action – Cue SFX

I don’t know quite how my son managed this, taken a few hours ago (because he’s very keen on lolcats and wants to submit photos of our cat to I Can Has Cheezburger? for glory’s sake).

invisible cat!
Originally uploaded by the togster

My husband’s suggested caption is “I Seez Cheezburger!”

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  1. This is cool – I have left a comment on the togster’s flickr page – hope that’s OK.

  2. He appreciated it very much, thank you. The box of Steinies is a bit of a boozy giveaway to this household’s alco proclivities, isn’t it?

  3. Well, yes, it did bring back memories. Thought it best to not comment on his photo page, him being underage and all.
    Glad he appreciated the comment, tell him to keep on posting. I’ll make sure Mr Kozy has a look when he gets home from a work colleague’s farewell dinner.

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