Month: February 2008

Seed Vault under the Arctic frost

A “Doomsday vault” even: The project is intended to provide a failsafe against disaster so that if a seed collection is destroyed in its natural habitat there is an alternative source of supply. Cary Fowler, executive director of the Global… Read More ›

Tuesday Verse

Observation If I don’t drive around the park, I’m pretty sure to make my mark. If I’m in bed each night by ten, I may get back my looks again. If I abstain from fun and such, I’ll probably amount… Read More ›

Congratulations Shakesville!

Congratulations to Shakesville for winning the Best International Feminist Blog in the Canadian F-Word Blog Awards! Check out the rest of the winners, too. There is some terrific feminist writing out of Canada.

Blogplug! “Oohsome”.

Some real-life friends of mine have started a new blog project, “Ooh, I’ve got something to show you!” over at From the Welcome blurb: Oohsome has evolved out of almost daily instant message discussions between Acanthus and whoozqueen on… Read More ›

Some weekend reading

Firstly, the obligatory funny picture: From ICHC Dave at Orcinus: If conservatives really, really hate being called fascists … #6 … then maybe they ought to quit talking like them. Suzanne Kleid at McSweeney: ABSTINENCE-ONLY DRIVER’S ED: stamping out unbridled… Read More ›