“Honey, what’s five plus three?”

Via Copyranter, this ad for “Love Machine” condoms. (Extra thick? Anaesthetic-endowed? Who knows?)


Their other ad has a join-the-dots bunny centred on a headless woman’s navel.

What market are they going for? The chaps who are thinking, “What?! You want me to pound away for more than eight-five seconds at a G-spot that may or may not even be there? Won’t that get a tad tedious? Ho hum.”

Maybe we should come with TV sets embedded into each boob. ESPN on lefty, Fox Footy Channel on righty. That should keep them amused, at least in missionary.

Women: dreary pieces of meat.

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2 replies

  1. I love how bad the photoshopping is on the left side to make her waist seem a couple inches smaller. Could it be more obvious?

  2. It’s a bodgy job alright – you can see the jagged edges.
    I’m kinda amazed they let her keep her lower back hair.

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