Day: 2008-02-12

Acknowledgement and Apology

This post is being continually updated with links to commentary on the Apology Today, for the first time, indigenous people performed a Welcome to Country ceremony at the Opening of the Parliament of Australia. Kevin Rudd’s hope is that this… Read More ›

Ghost rants: Archbishop edition

Image Credit: Peter Brookes from The Times Online The Ghost of Violet Socks sums up everything I’ve been trying to compose about the Archbishop of Canterbury’s latest efforts. I used to rather like the man. And the Brits are no… Read More ›

Skeptic LOLcat

moar funny pictures The 84th Carnival of the Godless is up (has been up for over a week, actually) at Mind on Fire.

Two flawed histories

I just this week caught up with two shows on cable: The Tudors (2007) and Macbeth (2007). Both productions have casting and/or directorial problems, which is hard to forgive when one is dealing with such well-known stories.