Day: 2008-11-28

Risk: “Man Up”

Classic game Risk has manned up. Yes, laydeez, you’re no longer welcome. Nor are you girly-boys, either. Sociological Images has the scoop. Yes, it’s by Hasbro, home of slagpiles of Disney Princess paraphernalia, My Little Pony, Baby Alive, Littlest Pet… Read More ›

More power to Commissioner Garling

NSW Health IT in disarray SPECIAL commissioner Peter Garling has prescribed a massive dose of IT to fix NSW’s troubled public hospitals, and recommended a watchdog oversee e-health. He has demanded the provision of critical infrastructure, hospital and community information… Read More ›

WARNING: “disability theme”

A new UK film, “Special People”, has had a special warning slapped on it by the film classification board. The film, which casts actors with disabilities in a comedy about film-making, continues to carry the warning, because the Board only… Read More ›