Get your submissions in now for the Down Under Feminists Carnival!

The call is out for Down Under Feminist Carnival submissions at Ideologically Impure, who is hosting this month:

No real theme, but I’m especially on the look-out for sassy posts by sassy people.

The submission form is here. If you can’t access the form, you can use the Hoyden contact instead. Submissions due by 30 November – so get them in by the end of the weekend.

Please reprint this call on your blog, and get your submissions in (or your writing underway) now!

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3 replies

  1. Thanks for putting the word out!

  2. ‘submissions’ ‘ down under’ rather sounds like a branch of BDSM
    surely not!

  3. john cramer, you’re huh-huh-huhlarious. Run along now.

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