Month: November 2008

Open Mumbai attacks thread

I have no idea what to say, I just didn’t want to fail to acknowledge that this is happening. My thoughts and sympathies are with the hostages, the injured and the families of the dead.

Poisoning cats and babies

WA Today: “Cat deaths linked to pet food“: Unexplained chronic illness and death among Sydney cats has been linked to a gourmet imported pet food withdrawn from stores over the past three weeks. A cat neurologist, Georgina Child, has put… Read More ›

Whoydensday: Numberwang!(?)

The rumour mill seems to be spitting out a fairly uniform product this week: that Paterson Joseph will be the eleventh Doctor. (If you’re sick of next Doctor speculation, check out io9’s 45 coolest moments in Doctor Who history instead)…. Read More ›

Due process?

Film studios to become ‘police, judge, executioner’: Australia’s third largest ISP is being sued by several film studios and the Seven Network for enabling copyright infringement by failing to prevent its users from downloading pirated movies and TV shows. iiNet,… Read More ›