Open Mumbai attacks thread

I have no idea what to say, I just didn’t want to fail to acknowledge that this is happening. My thoughts and sympathies are with the hostages, the injured and the families of the dead.

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  1. This picture captures some of the horror.

  2. That photo made me want to cry, Deborah.
    I can’t believe it’s STILL going on, more than 24 hours after the fact – I am refreshing twitter and BBC live updates every 5 minutes.

  3. My mate is in Mumbai at the moment and has coffee at a few of the places targetted. Silly bugger had let his mobile battery run down and his work, family and friends couldn’t contact him for 10 hours. Thankfully he’s ok.

  4. I’ve just got a text from him – he says they are in lockdown – have to stay away from western haunts – so he’s going to walk to a mosque.

  5. FXH, I hope he stays OK.
    Just reading Mark’s post over at LP and the subsequent discussion – despite a few predictable oversimplifying contributors to the thread, it’s well worth reading.

  6. FXH, best wishes and safe thoughts to your friend.

    Thanks for the link, Tig.

  7. My beloved is consulting for a major telco at the moment, and of course they outsource their call-centre to Mumbai. They made a point of making a company-wide announcement here in Sydney that the Mumbai staff were OK. In fact, the staff on the current shift were going to stay and work the next one, so that they didn’t have to go out on the streets and the next shift didn’t have to travel in either.

  8. My Large Company’s Indian outsourcing is in New Delhi, but I’m glad to hear companies were doing the right thing. This whole thing is a nightmare, and I’m very angry that the coverage on American broadcast news didn’t make the head story until today, that I heard.

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