Day: 2008-12-02

Ticking all those boxes

Via Feministing: Planned Parenthood in Indiana is offering a gift certificate service for the winter gifting festival: it is redeemable for the reproductive health services their clinics offer, and their hope is particularly that women on low incomes will be… Read More ›

Etymology 101

I’ll stop arguing with anti-feminists and other provocateurs who claim that the latest act labelled “misogynist” isn’t really that, because, you know, whoever did it doesn’t actually HATE women when they stop calling rich people “philanthropists” for giving money away,… Read More ›

The Web isn’t like movies

Clive Hamilton, “public intellectual”, has been banging on about how wrong wrongitty wrong anti-censorship advocates are. Clive has been stampily regurgitating the mantra of the censors: “I have heard no one argue that films, television, books and magazine should be… Read More ›