Calling the hivemind: getting freebie stuff for your school

One of my kids’ schools desperately needs new/better sound amplification equipment in their auditorium.

What they currently have is not only inadequate even if it was working properly (need at least another pair of speakers to fill the space acoustically), but someone’s blown the tweeters in the speakers so that it’s definitely not working properly. The stage needs heavier acoustic curtains, plus some drop-down mics for performances.

It’s a multi-purpose hall for indoor sports as well, so sound acoustics were not the primary consideration in creating the space, and it shows. Which is a real shame, because the music and drama programs at the school are excellent, and deserve a much better showcase than this auditorium currently provides. The music/drama teachers have been told several times that the funds to fix the current speakers have had to be allocated elsewhere and that their turn will come shortly (yeah, right).

Given that sound equipment is evolving quickly, so that many perfectly good sound systems are traded in for upgrades and/or written off by suppliers against tax because they can’t be sold, how does one go about persuading people with an excess of such sound equipment to generate some community goodwill and publicity by donating their stuff to a needy school? I’ve never gone on the scrounge for the school before, but I’m very willing to do some research and see if I can work out a way to sort this deficient system out. Any advice?

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  1. Post this on LP if you haven’t already.

  2. Post a wanted post on your local freecycle – freecycle is six kinds of awesome. And people are really generous.

  3. Definitely Freecycle. I’m guessing you’ve already put out a call in the school newsletter? (Lots of parents might not be engaged in more detail in P&C stuff.)
    Also, contact your local newspaper, offering a story and a photo-op on the music and drama programme, with a call to the community for what’s needed.

  4. Not strictly freebie stuff, but our kids school we have a Friends group. We get parents and kids to donate time and skills to putting events on and raising money. Our kids, like yours, have a lot of performers and we also have a catering school which is extremely useful (and they rock!)
    Every so often we unload a few thou on some specific thing and do a presentation… and the monthly meetings are wine-soaked and fun. It’s a good way to get to know your school.

  5. Oh, and MOST importantly: this is the high school and it’s geared to working parents. we meet and do things in the evenings. The primary school (the boy) is totally geared to the daytime and non working or part time mums and dads. I hardly know anyone there now.

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