Day: 2009-03-23

Gang laws dependent on mode of transport? Really?

unless the media is being spectacularly wrongfooted in their reporting today, it really does appear that laws are being mooted with respect to criminal activity that are going to be different depending upon the suspects’ vehicle(s) of choice. What does it matter whether a gangster is wearing a leather jacket and riding a Hog or wearing a hipster outfit and riding a Segway?

For those unaccustomed to how blogging works: Wendy Harmer edition

A useful cautionary tale in general: if you use computers that other people are logged in to to leave comments on the internet then their default settings can make you look bad. Wendy Harmer: You owe an apology for this accusation that a blogger maliciously changed your name on comments you left on her blog. She did nothing of the sort. Let me explain to you what really happened, , and show you how to make sure that it doesn’t happen to you again. It was your own actions and omissions that led to than display-name showing up on the blog.