Day: 2009-03-25

Idle musing

For all those pharmacists and nurses and doctors out there who think that they ought to be able to have a conscience clause regarding abortion? To the point of not even referring patients to willing medical practitioners?

What do you think about the idea that a pacifist should be able to join the military and expect to draw a pay check and advance in rank while exercising a conscience clause with respect to weapons that kill people?

OMG, Michelle Obama has arms!

Just look at them, they go all the way up to her shoulders. Apparently, Michelle Obama appearing in a sleeveless dress for her official portrait has got conservative American up in arms (ha! see what I did there). I mean really, she’s young, she has lovely arms why shouldn’t she show them off? Why does showing her arms make her the target of conservatives accusing her of impropriety*? What is wrong with arms?