Day: 2009-11-30

Procrastination aid Of The Day: UEA CRU hyperbole

The emails largely had to do with dealing with an already known problem with dendrochronology. The oceans are still rising, the Arctic ice is still melting back worse in the summer, the glaciers are still withdrawing. And all of this is still exceeding IPCC models, as the modelers well know. The hockey stick has acquired another crook.

Aurora Borealis and Joanna Lumley

I enjoyed it a lot more than the TV guide reviewer did. Particularly when she finally got to see the actual Northern Lights in the far north of Norway, complete with Edvard Grieg soundtrack (Peer Gynt,? Suite No. 2 Op. 55: Solveigs´s Song). This particular clip of her watching the aurora has a sign language translator for Lumley’s voiceover.