Month: October 2009

Happy Halloween

An open thread where you can discuss Halloween, or anything else you like. I always think that this minion looks too happy and playful to be an effective evil minion. Maybe that’s why he’s broken.   ETA: there is a… Read More ›

Otterday! And Open Thread.

Happy Halloween, folks! Today’s otter comes courtesy of Adorable Lakes Aquarium otters, Mia and Smudge, soon got into the Halloween party spirit when their keepers decided to give them a different and appropriately themed seasonal challenge. The otters’ usual… Read More ›


Do I tell the rest of the family* about the big box of chocolate I just got in the post, or do I squirrel it away as a stash to be raided at will for the next few months?

Brickbat – Sumo Salad Ad

It was on early this morning. The start was a take off of anti-smoking advertising “Every burger is doing you damage”. Then it showed a picture of a young woman’s bottom and waist with voiceover “this is a healthy woman”… Read More ›

Roads are only for cars, opines ridiculous columnist

his cartoon accompanying Miranda Devine’s typical exhibition of frothing at the mouth over cyclists! Using roads that by rights should only have cars on them! is way OTT offensively topsy-turvy from reality, where it is motorists who regularly turn to the thuggish side against cyclists.