Day: 2010-01-11

Uluru nonsense

So, in case you haven’t been following along, there has been talk for quite some time about closing the Uluru climb. A whole lot of tourists, despite being educated about the issues the Anangu people have with the climb of… Read More ›

Bless: they’re still confused about weather vs climate

Not one of them seems to realise that the only thing that has ever stopped the UK (and other nations around the North Atlantic) from having the same winters as Moscow (at a similar latitude) is the twin effects of the oceanic Gulf Stream (North Atlantic Conveyor) and the atmospheric Jet Stream over Europe

Feminism to Blame (Again!)

Does Prof Baskerville give us any stats for how many men in the prisons are there for rape, DV or skipping child support compared to other crimes? No, indeed he does not.