Month: February 2010

Keep your eye on the ball

Negative stereotypes about feminists abound in the media. And in response several times a year another article written by a feminist comes out worrying about the damage done by the deliberate misrepresentation of feminism. I worry too. Women won’t want… Read More ›

Otterday! And Open Thread.

Today’s otter, Kit the sea otter pup, comes from MNN, the Mother Nature Network. Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to… Read More ›

The Bland Perfection of Token Women

Why the glamorous hair and make-up? Why not a more realistic neat/tidy small town look? All I will be thinking is “why is she working in that laundromat instead of trying to be a Hollywood actress?” when of course the answer is that the real woman is indeed trying to be a Hollywood actress, and the director/producers have, for some reason, chosen to highlight this Tinseltown glamour instead of costuming their female characters as typical inhabitants of a small town.

Many roads, one surname

In yesterday’s SMH Catherine Deveny asked Why do (don’t go there) most children(don’t go there) still end up with (don’t go there, don’t go there, don’t go there!) their father’s surname? She’s fairly clearly talking about a certain, already small… Read More ›