Femmostroppo Reader – February 25, 2010

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed. What did I miss? Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • furikku: In which I babble about Writing Minorities
  • – “And since the categories have developed over decades- centuries in some cases- they’re generally made by The Majority, and reflect the attitudes of The Majority, which tend to be something to the tune of, “I’m normal, so I have to put on a hat to stand out. You come pre-hatted, so I don’t have to do any work to make you stand out,” where hat is understood to mean “some extra defining trait,” like “nerd” or “hipster” or “obsessed with bugs.” What this boils down to is that, while the Majority Types are thought to need extra stuff to make them “interestng,” Minority Types are considered to be already “interesting,” just for being minorities. Which doesn’t work out well, for various reasons.”

  • More Adventures with the Antithesis of Enlightenment
  • – “Humorless, Puritanical feminists supposedly whined so loudly about being offended and degraded by iBoobs that Apple just couldn’t ignore’em, and out went Wobble faster than you can snap a G-string.

    Which, if it were true, would be the first time any major corporation has ever listened to feminists about anything, let alone pornography.”

  • Four years in a world without Octavia Butler.
  • – Go. Read one of her books.

  • Boys love their mothers differently
  • – “… “Boys love their mothers differently,” the nurse assured me that day as she watched me wrestle with my complicated daughter. But I think she had it wrong. Maybe mothers love their boys differently, not the other way around.”

  • ACMA unveils online complaints process for commercial radio industry
  • – “The media regulator has unveiled the revised codes of practice for the commercial radio industry which will for the first time require broadcasters to accept complaints electronically.

    It follows the release of the commercial TV industry’s new code of practice in December which from March 1 will also require TV broadcasters to allow viewers to lodge complaints electronically.”

  • Where are the dung beetles when you need them?
  • – “Every year since 2000 has been warmer than the 1990s average. Every year in the 1990s has been warmer than the 1980s average. Recent El Niño years are clearly warmer than all earlier El Niño years if you go back a bit. In the main, ENSO involves differences in atmospheric pressure and changes in the heat distribution in the Pacific Ocean, plus such things as changes in wind direction and cloudiness. It’s bleeding obvious that additional heat is coming in from somewhere. It’s hard to see how ENSO could do it.”

  • University of Florida News – Coital conservatism ended before birth control pill arrived, says researcher
  • – “The pill did not give birth to the sexual revolution despite the widespread belief in its libidinously liberating effects that persists to this day, says a University of Florida professor.”

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