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  1. Made my son laugh, too!

  2. Did she write that herself? If so, I’m impressed by her ablilty to write upside down and back-to-front.

  3. Needed a laugh. Thankyou.

  4. Beppie, upon enquiring, she did write it herself but it was more sideways (foot in lap) than upside down.

  5. Still impressive flexibility. Not sure I’d be able to get my foot in my lap these days. Although my excuse is that it’s because there is usually a three year old sitting there.

  6. Thanks. A good laugh. I have just finished my “Countdown to 7 0″ and the art project that it’s a process e-mail blog to myself. I did a woodcut – every couple of decades I do woodcut(s). Feeling very ME/CFS, but so happy. Now how to publish the 31 e-blog, short entries. If there was a Leap Year this year, I’d have a real birthday this weekend, sigh. I’m celebrating. I can get my foot on my lap, but just tried and can’t get all the way down to view it. Kids are great. Thanks again. I’m happy to have found your site. Sanda Aronson

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