Day: 2010-04-06

ObTrollWrangling: On Deserving New Chances

The problem with Paul’s activities is him presenting that persona as having had fictional abuse problems that he knows are common shared histories amongst the group of women he is contacting, and asking those people for advice as if he is a real life troubled young woman. Anyone who doesn’t see that this is creepy as fuck needs to spend a great deal of thinking time on the matter.

Latest from WikiLeaks: Collateral Murder

The so-called weapons that the gunship soldiers thought they saw were all in fact cameras. They shot to death a group of people walking down the street, and then slaughtered people with children coming to help the wounded, just because some of them had cameras.

Virtual Traveling: Stourhead, Wiltshire

Stourhead is an absolutely stunning landscape garden set in a river valley in Wiltshire which has been artfully dammed and diverted to make for a lovely meandering promenade with plenty of spots for sculptures and architectural follies to be scattered – it was one of the first gardens to be created according to the principles of the English Landscape Movement. There are also more rambling woodland walks full of enormous rhododendrons and other flowering shrubs amongst the trees.