Day: 2010-10-19

Master of the house

Sometimes I will be visiting a friend (and it could be any one of many); and we will be as thick as thieves – curled up in couches and laughing, sipping tea and juggling children, when her husband will arrive home. And he, whom I will generally like, will on this day be in a foul mood and will fume at his wife, just a little, not so much as to be a bully but enough to stop our conversation. Did you realise the children have been throwing toys off the veranda, he tripped over them on his way inside? There may be some sideways glance from him across the room, too, lingering for just a moment on the upturned sippy cup on the floor.

Surly Wonder Woman

I came across a link to this fabuloso comic panel while googling for something else entirely, which is just one of those glorious serendipities of the internet. I have a soft spot for surly superheroes.

FYI: about those unsolicited guest post offers

I don’t care what that SEO manual is telling you about how offering your guest posts to other bloggers (on condition that there’s a link back to your blog) is a fine and dandy way to increase your readership and your search engine ranking. If you’ve never even left a single comment attempting to engage with our commenting community, then asking us to publish a post of yours on spec is simply downright rude.