Month: November 2010

Blast from the past alert

Over the next few weeks, starting tomorrow (December 1st), we shall be padding out our normal blogging during the xmasolstichanukkwanzaa etc increased-social-obligations period with some reposts of older articles from the first years of this blog.

Cardinal George Pell, humbug

He’s at it again: Faithless are coarse, uncaring and without purpose, says Cardinal Pell. Most of it’s typical tosh. We’re all utterly miserable hedonists, apparently. He even goes Godwin on us:

DUFC Reminder

It’s nearly the end of November, which means that submissions close for this month’s Down Under Feminist Carnival in just a few days, and it will be published here at HaT next weekend. Have you submitted your favourite Antipodean Blogger’s post from this month yet?

I had forgotten

…how tedious it is to remove all the old bits of icky ancient bluetack before one can even wash the bedroom wall, let alone paint it.

Otterday! And Open Thread.

Welcome to Saturday, and may the Victorian Hoydenizens have the election result you desire today. Among notable events on this day in history, Helen Clark became the first elected female PM in New Zealand, the first human-manufactured object reached the… Read More ›