Month: November 2010

Sobering thought for the day: how many earn $250K?

US$250,000 is an important number because this the income level where the about-to-expire Bush tax cuts (that have got the Tea Party so energised) kick in, and these are the tax cuts that many people say are motivating their intent to vote Republican at the mid-term elections that will be held today.

On Being Fat in Public, and Beyond Responding to Hate

Being fat in public is, so often, a political act, but just as often it’s an almost inescapable act. As a woman of colour who is often read as white, and a queer woman in a relationship with a man, these aspects of my identity are, in many cases (though not all, because so often it’s heavily dependant upon the ‘audience’), not as front-and-centre visible. My fat, however, is always here, with me.