Month: January 2011

BFTP: Slash and Teh Magick Testicles of Perspicacity

Like all good evolutionary psychologists who focus on gender, Don hasn’t bothered to talk to any actual *whispers* women. Especially not to any women who write and/or study this, erm, *whispers* smut. Because women can’t define their own experience, can’t tell their own stories, can’t have any useful insights into their own motivations. Because women’s fan academia doesn’t really exist in any meaningful sense, not until chest-beaters come along and put their stamp of Knowledge onto it. Because women’s culture is there to be picked apart with tweezers and analysed with a touch of distanced fascination, a modicum of distaste, and a whopping serve of wilful ignorance. For lo, he has Teh Magick Testicles of Perspicacity. Here, let him show you them.

Quickhit: irresponsible

The coroner investigating the death of Maia Comas “has been unable to determine whether or not her death was accidental” but has indicated that Maia’s parents were greatly irresponsible.

Today in weird places my mind goes

Coming downstairs to find the sprogs watching the Star Trek reboot movie for the umpteenth time, and having my head in fanspace after reading 15 Reasons Rebooting Spider-Man Is A Really Bad Idea yesterday, this is the thought that crossed my mind (and it may have already been discussed in fandom, but I am so not googling it):

A 1950s Alternative Universe

on Saturday night I found myself watching a late-night 1950s black and white movie – something I haven’t done much of since the demise of Bill Collins and Ivan Hutchinson’s shows. Oh, how I used to love those old black and white movies (cue massive eyeroll from the kids). Some of the interest lies in a mixture of plot points which appear to have been written while dropping acid combined with gender and class expectations which are all too real.