Month: January 2011

Politician parents

Image credit. Check out this intriguing article from The Economist – “The Gruffulo Years: A striking number of Britain’s senior politicians have young children. That is a good thing”. The world changes much more rapidly once its leaders are personally… Read More ›

Sunrise of the Dinosaurs

I really should listen to my good friend and work colleague who tells me not to watch Sunrise because it makes me angry. But as I was watching the tennis last night, that was the program on this morning when… Read More ›

Quicklink: Tim Lambert zings Andrew Bolt

Yes, Andrew: a pdf labelled ‘Chapter 4’ is never ever going to be the “whole report” now, is it? So perhaps your pronouncement that “not once did it mention floods” was rather courageous (in the Sir Humphrey sense) on your part.

BFTP Otterday: Otters Will Fuck You Up (and Open Thread)

Some newcomers to Hoyden may have received the impression, over the past few weeks, that I think otters are cute little cuddly furry things. Nothing could be further from the truth. Vicious little weasels, the lot of them, and I love them for it. Here’s a video of otters showing a crocodile just who’s in charge.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires.

BFTP – Friday Hoyden: Pippi Longstocking

Pippi is everything I wanted to be as a child but didn’t know how – outrageous, loud, anti-authoritarian, strong, free-spirited, messy, generous, powerful, and brutally honest. She is self-sufficient, thinks “ladylike” is a loud of hooey, and is an efficient dispenser of justice to bullies. Her shoes are too big, her clothes are a mess, she can lift a horse over her head, and nobody knows what to do with her. What’s not to like?