Day: 2012-09-03

So, what’s everybody else doing to #destroythejoint?

Torey Maguire reckons feminists should just ignore Alan Jones, since he’s just a formulaic shock-jock troll, but I don’t agree. “Don’t feed the Trolls” is bad science, and we should feed the trolls if we need to. Creative mockery to underline the point that we are not “offended”, we are contemptous: that’s cathartic as well.

New Who: S7 Ep1 Asylum of the Daleks

We watched the show on iView last night, via a recent update to our venerable PS3 which allowed us to hook our TV directly into ABC’s iView interface. Noice. It will be broadcast on Australian free-to-air next Saturday September 8th. Who else has geeked out already?