Day: 2012-12-06

Whimsy: Musical Pets edition

Sometimes we all need to see teh awesome. Please share anything that has recently surprised, delighted, intrigued or otherwise positively engaged you! Meet Tucker the piano-playing singing Schnoodle.

Tool of the Day

Ratcheting Pruning Shears! Since it’s December, let’s use my new pruners as the kick-off for our first 2012 in retrospective thread – what’s the best tool/gadget/gizmo/hack you’ve found this year?

SF Question of the Day: Dune and Lawrence of Arabia

Would Frank Herbert’s Dune have been such a wide success if its publication in 1965 had not been preceded by David Lean’s masterful cinematography of windswept dunes in 1962’s Lawrence of Arabia?

How, more generally, does our experience of pictorial representations of landscapes and people (both still and moving pictures) influence our perceptions of other works of art, of the world and people around us, and even of our own self-awareness?