Whimsy: Musical Pets edition

This is the story accompanying the above video shared on Facebook in October and found by Mindy for me last week:

I was told a neighbor complained about the dog being left home alone when I received it . The guy set up a nanny cam. This is what the dog was doing. A friend sent me this and I couldnt stop laughing. Thank you everyone that has liked this video.I have no idea whos’ dog this is, or where I got this video, but I loved it and Im glad so many of you do too. Its been shared over 41 thousand times at this point.

I smell a potential urban legend in the backstory! Lots of dogs like to play a keyboard and howl along – it’s a fairly common party trick, no need to put in a nanny cam to catch it if it’s something the dog gets approval for doing.

With some digging around, I found the original upload to YouTube from 2010. As I suspected, no nanny cam required:

Tucker, our one and a half year old Schnoodle, plays the piano and sings along at least 3 or 4 times every day. In spite of all of his practicing, he really isn’t getting any better at it.

So there you go.

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  1. This is why we don’t have a dog (currently).
    I said to MyNigel “this is the sort of dog we would have” i.e. one that would do this, regardless of actual breed or lack thereof.
    He replied “it doesn’t matter what we do, that’s the sort of dog we’d have”. At least we can admit it to ourselves. I suspect that soonish it won’t stop us though.

  2. Also relevant: Game of Thrones theme as sung by a cat:
    [Description: The meows of a siamese cat edited and harmonised so as to mimic the opening theme of Game of Thrones]

  3. Oh Mim that clip should come with a warning – do not drink or eat anything while watching this that you do not want to be cleaning out of your keyboard and/or device.

  4. From our Prime Minister. h/t to Felix (@catcasco) on Twitter

  5. There is something a little bit compelling about this. Not sure what though. Blame @Nicholosophy for that one.

  6. TigTog, you remind me of the lovely Nora, the Piano Playingg Cat.

  7. D’oh! Sorry about the mispelling!

  8. You are absolutely right Mindy. That is all the squee, all the squee in the world.

  9. Maggie is very sensitive to sound, sometimes with hilarious results (been meaning to blog this for a while). Occasionally, I’ll have band practice at my place with the full drum kit. Far from fleeing and covering her head with her paws, she will snuggle up as close to the high hat as possible and listen intently. She really seems to be enjoying it and the decibel level doesn’t seem to bother her at all. If I practice alone the same thing happens.

  10. Helen, one of our two cats, Beatrice, has proven to be very sensitive to high-pitched sounds. We discovered this once when the Baron whistled and she immediately came. She also responds to singing, usually high-pitched (though once I managed to lure her, without meaning to, while laying on the couch and singing a hymn). High-pitched sounds from humans seem to be a kind of meowing for her, and a plea for a snuggle.

  11. Also this – when one of our chooks got broody last year we gave her a fertile egg to sit on. Turned out to be a young rooster who we named Henry.
    In his noisy teenage-hood, while we were looking for someone to adopt him (the Baron, being vegetarian, ruled out, er… other options), we often kept him in the house while he learned crowing.
    At one point he found a particularly effective nook in the house for raucous crowing: underneath the piano, and just next to the harp. The sound board of both threw his voice right across the room…
    (He’s living happily now in a farm near Seymour)….

  12. My husband is now sitting beside me threatening to build a bunny showjumping course in our backyard.

  13. @Mim, party and a floor show sounds great 😉

  14. *hides comment thread from Adam*

  15. This is the sound of a penguin falling down, and his friends laughing at him. You’re welcome. http://t.co/xhSiUyYC
    — Tim Singleton Norton (@norton_tim) December 9, 2012

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