those who do not know are doomed to repeat etc, besides it’s fascinating

Hating Australia Day from afar

Today is the second Australia Day since I moved to the United States. One of the most surprising things for me to experience out of Australia was people saying–even in the American South!–Australia’s really racist, isn’t it? And personally, I hate that. I hate that there is such a strong implicit idea of who an Australian “is,” and how racist and dependent on assimilation that is. I hate the way that is enforced with violence and ugly rhetoric, and I hate the policies that our country mobilises against Aboriginal communities and refugees.

And yet. For all that I hate what Australia Day represents, I am more homesick than usual today.

BFTP: The myth of bra burning feminists

In 1968, some activists demonstrated against the Miss America beauty pageant and threw objects of “female oppression” – bras, high-heeled shoes, girdles, curlers – into a trash can. They were arguing about liberation – there was never any bra-burning – but the myth of the feminist as a bra-burner was created by the western media. There was also a crucial word missed in the description of the trashed bras.

I missed the solstice!

It was about seven hours ago, and I meant to schedule a post to publish at the exact time, but life got in the way. Whatever your cultural/religious/astronomical orientation, may the turning of the calendar lead only to better things for you.

The more things change…

Thucydides, describing what happened when the Hellenes’ Great War veterans came home from the battlefields –
Quoted by commentor at Juan Cole’s blog back in January, but I didn’t end up posting it then. Just observing various blogstoushes has prompted me to post it now.