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  1. It was all over Facebook too. I love the fashion notes for anti-suffragettes.
    As an aside I was rather struck by the odd suggestion at the start that one needs an ‘e-reader’ to use Project Gutenberg. My goodness me, I wonder what I’ve been doing all these years on Gutenberg without one… 😉 Ah well, a minor quibble.

  2. Ooh so I could pop over there just on the laptop then? Good to know, thanks TimT.

    • It was designed to be accessed by computers originally, after all.
      e-readers are very convenient, because they fit in a hand/shoulder-bag, which are commuter friendly, which most laptops aren’t especially. I do really like the reference library I’m building on mine aside the rest of what I read.

  3. Only just got a laptop, haven’t ventured into tablets or e-readers yet. Is a tablet computer a good e-reader or is a dedicated e-reader the way to go? What are the winning lotto numbers while I’m at it?

    • I love my Kindle, especially for travelling ( no more piles of heavy books) but I haven’t done the compare and contrast on tablets. mr tog also loves his Kindle for commuting.

  4. I prefer reading on the Kindle over my iPad because it doesn’t have a back-lit screen, but I know others who prefer the exact opposite. When I have used the iPad it’s been perfectly fine as far as ease of use goes, and it can display a bigger variety of formats via various apps, but I tend to keep getting distracted by emails and other notifications coming in.

  5. Oh, thank you for posting this! I need to download the book, and share this post with my daughter, and read more about this wonderful woman. Excellent stuff!

  6. What a gorgeous collection.

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