I missed Darwin Day!

It was the 203rd anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth yesterday. Here, have a few of my favourite Darwin pics/posters/macros.

Charles Darwin dressed as Uncle Sam


A classic portrait of Charles Darwin done in the style of the Obama Hope poster

Very Gradual Change We Can Believe In

a photoshop of Charles Darwin's head on Chuck Norris' body

An asteroid didn't kill the dinosaurs - Chuck Darwin scared them to death! #chuckdarwinfacts

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  1. Ah yes, my favorite Victorian Chuckie D!

  2. It was also the 38th anniversary of my birth on Sunday. /subtle 😉 I always think it’s a bit ironic that I share my birthday with Darwin, as the ‘survival of the fittest’ is so often used to tell me and others like me that we should not be alive. Born 3 months premmie, 3 pound birth weight, 1 in a hundred chance of survival, incubator “if she survives she’ll be a vegetable, won’t be able to walk or talk, put her in an institution”, dx-d with cerebral palsy at 2, walking isn’t too great, talking better than a lot of people would like (too much!), doing both at once is challenging. Hell, I AM one of the fittest who has survived!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Book Girl.

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